Outdoor activities nowadays are almost never without the presence of tents. Be it an outdoor social gathering or a backpacking adventure to the mountains, tents are a basic essential for people who want to save money from renting party venues or booking hotels without compromising on the comfort and homey feel. Buying a tent can be an expensive feat but the good news is that tent rental services are available all over the world. For people who want to have an outdoor event like a small barbecue or a garden wedding, it is important to shield your guests from the sun (or the rain), and from foreign objects falling on their plates.

Large tents are often used in these cases because they are made from sturdy materials and are resistant to heat and moisture. They also have high ceilings to regulate air circulation, and can accommodate a handful of people to a large group of guests without the feeling of getting cramped.

Large tent rental services specialize in providing tents for all occasions. They do not only have the perfect tent you need for your celebration but they also have the expertise for you to have a secured party. Large tent rental companies have a wide range of tent styles customers can choose from including:

1. The frame style tents for an elegant and classic atmosphere perfect for weddings and anniversaries that has a capacity of up to 90 people,

2. The twin tube tents to accommodate an even larger number of guests (up to 480 pax) while keeping the elegance of the frame style tent, and

3. The pole style tents designed for a more gathering that can still shelter multiple people at a less expensive cost and can accommodate up to 900 guests at a time.


4. Tent flooring can also be provided by large tent rental companies should you ever request for it. These are charged per square foot and can be any of the following: regular tent flooring made from tiles, portapath flooring, plywood flooring, carpeted plywood flooring and even pool covering (because yes, you can set up your tent on the pool).

Additionally, the services that large tent rental companies can offer do not stop at tent rentals. They can assist you with choosing the right large tent type with the appropriate size and how many of each specification by surveying your venue.


They also provide free setup services to ensure that the large tents are planted properly. And since most large tent rental companies are party services, you can also request for rentals on different party paraphernalia such as tables, chairs and light equipment, and employ MCs and entertainers to add to your party planning convenience.

For a smooth-sailing, worry-free outdoor gathering, contact your nearest large tent rental company today and have a successful and unforgettable celebration you will be talking about for years to come.